Recuperating Sucks

Friday my husband and I flew to NYC for my monthly Oncologist appointment at Sloan-Kettering and for a planned surgery on Saturday (yesterday) to have my ovaries and tubes removed.  Since my cancer is ER/PR+ having my ovaries out was a no brainer. Until I was ready for surgery I was receiving monthly injections of Lupron to put me into a chemically induced menopause and shut down the production of estrogen.

Friday I had to fast. Nothing but liquids and juices until midnight and then nothing until after surgery.  I normally don’t eat a lot but tell me I can’t and I get a voracious appetite.  Every commercial on our hotel tv was food and every store I saw on the way to and from my appointments was a restaurant of some kind. Wtf. By the time Saturday rolled around I was weak and light headed.

We got to the York st location early. I wasn’t sscheduled to be there until 11am but I was hoping they would take me early.  They did. We only waited 10 minutes before they called us back. They must have gone over my history about 10 times.  Then the nurse came to put in the IV.  They really need to figure out how to do that without the excruciating pain that comes with it. “Quick pinch” my ass.

At 1:20 pm it was my turn. I was unable to walk to the OR as I was dizzy so they wheeled me. The poor nurse couldn’t have been more that 110lbs and she got stuck wheeling my enormous ass all by herself.  I felt bad. As I entered the operating room I was introduced to everyone there. The bed I was instructed to get on was beyond narrow.  I was confident I’d never fit but I did. I was afraid to sneeze for fear I’d fall off. I was covered in a nice warm blanket and a squeeze thing on my left leg that I liked. The last thing I remember is the nurse giving me “something to relax me” and I was out.

The surgery went well. They didn’t have to open me up like they feared. There was a lot of scar tissue but Dr. Sonoda made it happen. Once I was able to go to the bathroom I was ready to be released.  I was hungry and sleepy but not in much pain. They gave me a nice healthy dose of morphine before I left and sent me on my way with more to keep me comfortable.

Chinese food and a dilaudid chaser and I was ready for a long night sleep.

I’m hoping to leave the room tonight for dinner but the thought of putting on pants is very unappealing. We leave for home tomorrow so I better buck up and get used to it. The pain is not horrible but I can’t cough and I’m praying I don’t sneeze.

Tuesday I find out if I will be randomized for a lumpectomy.  I entered a clinical trial to see if removing the primary tumor will add to overall life expectancy.  But that’s another blog all on its own.

Time for more meds.

3 thoughts on “Recuperating Sucks

    • stickit2stage4 August 3, 2015 / 3:59 pm

      I did do Lupron for 5 months while they got the cancer under control. I needed radiation to T12 because the tumor was so big it was crushing the nerves and pressing on my cord. I had previously had a partial hysterectomy in 2003 for endometriosis and fibroid tumors (did Lupron back then too) so knowing I wasn’t having more kids and being 43 it seemed like the logical thing to do.

  1. Chavelyta July 4, 2014 / 4:30 pm

    OMG this must have been very painful for you. I hope you’re doing well,

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