My Son The Doctor

Ever since my son was 7 yrs old he had a love of computers. He discovered YouTube and found that he could watch courses taught by MIT professors. He took notes. He was fascinated. He taught himself programs like C++, Java and Unix. We were always at the library checking out books on Application Development or Web Development. I was happy he found something that he liked and was good at.


As my son got older he began to get savvier in his knowledge and his network of friends. He began doing projects for different people and was being generously compensated for it. He was updating websites, creating ‘universe’s’ for games and developing online stores.

His technology experience was also well known at school and was often asked by teachers to help when there was an issue with a computer or smart board. If you asked anyone, they’d tell you HE was the IT Department.

When Adam was 10, he discovered a free local computer magazine. He took it upon himself to contact the publisher and ask if he could write an article for the magazine. The publisher wrote back that he could with my permission. Adam excitedly wrote an excellent article about a program created by MIT designed to get kids interested in programming. I still have about 50 copies of the magazine.


Last February, Adam started working for a well known General Practitioner after school. Adam was very impressed with the Dr and took a shine to him.  The Dr was aware of Adam’s strong technical ability and had helped with a few projects the Dr has asked him to help with.

This past September when Adam started his Junior year, he decided that he wanted to pursue Medicine instead of Computer Science. In making this change he added a third Advanced Placement class to his schedule.


Today when he was at work he told the Dr that he is going to go Pre Med and asked him for his advice. Adam told me the Dr was very pleased and told him he was welcome to shadow him with seeing patients. He also gave Adam other great advice that Adam plans to pursue.

I’m so overwhelmed. I always knew my son was exceptionally smart but it never occurred to me that he would want to become a doctor some day. Thinking about it brings tears because I can’t say if I’ll be here to see him reach this goal. Right now, I’m just trying to make sure I’m here to see him graduate from High School. I would give anything to see him graduate from medical school but the likelihood is slim. I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic.


But how amazing??  My son…the Doctor!!!


3 thoughts on “My Son The Doctor

  1. Mandi December 7, 2015 / 1:00 am

    He will be the only doctor that knows how to use a computer! Hehe. (My hubby is a computer guy and doctors are notorious for not being computer people). The combination of skills should open up many doors for him!

    • stickit2stage4 December 7, 2015 / 1:40 am

      Let’s hope! He already works for a GP and he’s thrilled Adam wants to go into medicine.

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