My Rebuttal to the New York Post

On February 15, 2016 the New York Post ran an Editorial about the Aid in Dying Bill introduced by Democratic Amy Paulin in the Assembly and Republican John Bonacic in the state Senate.

You can read the Editorial here:


I categorically disagree with this article. So much so I submitted my own rebuttal piece to the New York Post that I hope they publish as the other side of this issue but I have my doubts.

Because I feel so strongly that they got it wrong I am posting my rebuttal here:

“On February 15th 2016, an Editorial ran about the Aid in Dying Bill in NYS. You got it completely wrong.

Suicide by definition is the act of ending ones life who is physically healthy while suffering from an emotional or mental issue. murder, on the other hand is taking of another’s life.

This Bill is for people like me. People who have a terminal illness that for when the time comes, want to have a humane death. Without this bill, my death will mean either struggling to breathe or suffocating because the cancer has invaded my lungs or it means I will slowly starve and be poisoned to death because the cancer is taking over my liver making it impossible for my body to filter out waste or I will suffer seizures, migraines and lose my ability to recognize my family or myself because lesions in my brain are growing and building pressure. I don’t know about you, but that’s not even close to humane.

Make no mistake – I want to live.  I will do every treatment offered to me to extend my life. I don’t want to die early. But at some point I will exhaust my chemo and clinical trial options or chemo will become too toxic for my body and all I will have left is hospice. That is when I want to be able to have a choice.

Cancer takes away so much. It seems such a little thing to ask to have some control of.

This is a choice that should be available to those terminal patients that want to make that decision.

This isn’t suicide. This isn’t murder. This is Death with Dignity and everyone should be able to chose to have one.”

I’d like to think they’d have the balls to publish this but I’m not so sure they are ready to hear the truth.

5 thoughts on “My Rebuttal to the New York Post

  1. Thank you for the powerful response. I am 100% against suffering. Like you, I don’t believe my God would want me to suffer. It doesn’t make sense to me. Same thing when people say “God gave me cancer for a reason”…you know those dumb comments we often get from people.

    I saw my mama struggle from ovarian cancer. I was a teen and didn’t completely understand what was happening. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. I hated what she went through with this disease. No one should have to suffer this way. I support the legislation.

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