As The Stomach Turns

So, I’ve been dealing with nausea, weight-loss, lack of appetite and change in bowel habits (diarrhea) since maybe March. No one has been able to figure it out. No one wants to take ownership of it. Not my Oncologist and not my GP. We’ve just been monitoring it.

Nothing stands out in my labs, my Oncologist adjusted the dose of my Ibrance. Palliative Care gave me a stronger anti-nausea medication and now I have Reglan. But nothing changes.

Except that now I have fun things happening that required me to make an appointment with my OBGYN. I just assumed that all the estrogen suppressing meds have finally taken its toll. Not so much.

When I caught my Dr up on the shit show (pun intended) of the last 6 months she took it all in. She asked me questions. Then she did her exam. Boy I had NOT missed that. Ladies you know what I mean. I was a bit confused when she told me she was going to do an internal exam but why not? Let’s go for the full treatment. When she went to the left side of my abdomen and pressed I let out a sound I didn’t know I could make and I’m quite sure broke windows. My Dr looked at me with a very grim face. She said (and I’m quoting her), “I’m very concerned about you. That area is your colon. Given your medical history you need a complete GI work up as soon as possible. This has gone on far too long”

Well, shit. I’m torn between feeling satisfaction that SOMEONE finally heard me and on the other hand being totally freaked out that there is something really very wrong and has been wrong for a long time.
I’m very anxious to get to Sloan Kettering now. I’m curious to get Dr Modi’s opinion and input on this whole GI thing. I know she can’t do much for me that day but she can order the tests and I can have them done when I get back home. I am hoping that if there is extra blood work she can request that she does so I can get a peek into what may be going on. One thing about Sloan, the labs turn the blood work around with lightning speed.

Unfortunately, I have been on the Google and I know I shouldn’t have but I need to know as much as I can so there are absolutely no surprises. I’d rather know all the worst case scenarios now and have it be something minor than bank on it being minor and being smacked in the head with something horrible.

The count down starts…..

10 thoughts on “As The Stomach Turns

  1. Hey girl! Let’s hope you get that full gi work up and find out what’s going on. I’ve been having a lot of cramping in lower left side, so I’m scheduled for scans on this Thursday. I’m concerned it’s my colon as well, except, I’m only nauseous a little bit, I am constipated not diaharia, I’m gaining weight, not loosing. So, we should both find out soon what’s going on. Shit I’m 4 1/2 f’ing years into this dx and I was told two months ago, I had maybe Six months, maybe 12 months to live!! UGH!

    1. Jesus Lynn, I’m so sorry. Aside from the cramping how are you feeling? I certainly hope your Dr’s are wrong. Xoxo. I’m having a PET on Friday but my OBGYN said that if there was something in the colon it wouldn’t be picked up by a PET and I’m thinking wtf good are these scans if they can’t pick up what we need then to. Ugh.
      Sending you good juju for Thursday. Email me and let me know how you make out. @gmail. Xox

  2. Oh Susan, I am sorry to hear of yet more crap to deal with…I can relate, but on a much lesser level…but I “hear” every word you say and I “feel” it as well…I will keep you in my prayers. I know we don’t “know” each other but, in reality, you are another “sister” in this crazy, unfair world…cancer is cruel…

  3. It is so frustrating when Drs do not listen to their patients …. After all we know our bodies best and often know when things are not right … Good luck with the tests …

  4. Really hoping and praying it’s nothing major, I do understand the feeling you’re finally getting some sort of answers though. Sometimes they fail to listen to the souls walking around in these temples ! Come to terms DR’S, we do know more that you do when it comes to our bodies.
    Hugs ❤

  5. Well shit. I hope they get you feeling better soon and that is is something stupid and not stressful. *fingers crossed*

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