5 Self-Care Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Self-Care Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Before you put out that post asking for the latest binge-worthy Netflix or Amazon Prime series, you’ll want to check out these five self-care products. I guarantee you’ll be wondering how you ever got along without some of these fantastic goodies.

In full disclosure, I have personally tried/tested everything listed. These companies have not asked me to promote them. I really love the products and I hope you do too. If you do order a self-care item listed below (or have), let me know what your experience was!


Brace yourselves – Bath bombs and tea came together, and we are all here for it! This woman-owned company has the most amazing pressed teas created from organic fair trade tea leaves and cane sugar. The flavor combinations in either decaf and caffeinated are, in a word, spectacular. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, so I had to order and sample for myself. Flavor profiles such as Vanilla White Tea, Chai Spice, Rose Earl Gray, and Citrus Ginger made it challenging to choose. They conveniently offer sampler sets, collections, and boxed sets. Prices are reasonable and vary from $2.00 for a single tea drop all the way up to a full tea drop flavor set at $94.00 for the serious tea connoisseur.

I decided on the Classic Tea Drop Assortment Set – $15 and 10 individually wrapped Citrus Ginger Drops $12; because of nausea. When my package arrived, I found a single Vanilla White Tea Drop was included as a gift. The assortment set comes in a cute wooden box with a slider top. Each drop is individually wrapped.

Here is what happened when I tried the Citrus Ginger drop:

There was some sediment/loose tea left after the drop dissolved. That didn’t bother me, and per the website, it’s perfectly normal and drinkable. The flavor of citrus balanced the bite that ginger can have very nicely. Each sip felt like a warm hug. I could tase the ‘zing’ of the ginger more prominently as neared the bottom of my mug. I expected a lot more loose tea waiting for me with those last few sips, but that never happened.

All in all, I think I am in love. I can’t wait to try more flavors. If you like these drops as much as I do, you may find yourself a subscriber to their Tea Club! If you do, let me know!




Everyone has heard of, given, or received a subscription box of some sort. Each month is a new box filled with specially picked curated items to try, wear or possibly even eat. There is no denying that they are fun to get. Founded in 2017 by a licensed mental health therapist, TheraBox is unique in that it focuses solely on self-care and wellness. Each box includes 6-8 full-sized products to help reduce stress and improve relaxation and a self-care therapeutic activity specially designed to get your brain focused on therapeutic exercises. Activities like journaling, intentions all intended to be incorporated into your daily life.

Candles, bath salts, beaded essential oil bracelet w/oil, and bath bombs are just a few examples of products included in past boxes.

The best part of this particular box, in my opinion, is that it is an outstanding gift for someone in active treatment in place of the ‘cancery’ care packages that are the knee-jerk response in Cancer 101 Gift Giving. TheraBox does allow for a single box purchase in addition to the traditional subscription options. I highly recommend giving TheraBox a whirl. If you do, let me know what you think!

Malicious Women Co.


I am a sucker for candles. There is almost always one burning in my home. The scent, the flicker of the flame, everything about a good candle immediately relaxes me. Candles usually have creative and unusual names too. Bagamont Waters, Sunday Brunch, Starry Nights, and Woodland Paradise are just a few examples. Then I was introduced to the most fantastic company that hand makes all their own candles and a whole lot more. I received a malicious candle from their Cancer Fn Sucks Collection (DUH). All of their candles have a tongue in cheek name along with “special” infused qualities that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual scent of the candle itself. You could spend quite a bit of time just scrolling thru all of the hilarious thought up names that totally make sense. OR the ladies at Malicious Women will generously allow you to design your own creation down to the scent combination of the candle. (I designed a METUP candle – Cedar & Burbon scented of course). This is why these candles a fantastic gift for literally anyone for any reason and any occasion. The candles are made of soy, so those with allergies, please be aware.


 Magnolia Boutique


Ever wish you could just wear your favorite cozy blanket? I figured out away, and it’s genius. This sherpa jacket is everything. It can easily be worn out to appointments as well snuggling on the couch when all you want to do is shut the outside world out. I found this shop by accident, but I am glad I did. They have fantastic sales/coupons, AND they are affiliated with AfterPay, which allows you to pay over, month to month, so you don’t break your budget.


Audible Escape

I used to love reading. I could devour a novel in one day, however, after almost seven years of medications, I just don’t have the bandwidth anymore. I’ll be honest, it bothered me when friends would be discussing the latest ‘book club’ book, and I was the odd duck out. Until I found Audible by Amazon. I never really got into listening to books before. Now I find it’s very relaxing to listen to a few chapters while sipping on a cup of tea. What’s great about Audible is that I was able to try it FREE for thirty days before I decided to commit to it regularly. The book I am listening to now is the Virgin River By Robin Carr. It also happens to be a movie on Netflix (which I intend to watch when I am done with the book). A kindle isn’t needed, so worry not.  Just download the app which is available for Android and iPhone. There are hundreds of titles. Original content created exclusively for Audible. Unlimited listening, and there is NO commitment – cancel anytime. Give it a try – free for 30 days before the subscription kicks in ($12.95/month or $6.95 for Audible Unlimited Members) Audible also makes a great gift too!*


*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases will be used to keep this site running and to fund a grant thru The Cancer Couch Foundation for Metastatic Breast Cancer patients in need of financial assistance who receive treatment at the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY.