There’s Been A Few Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update. There’s been quite a lot going on. So, let’s get caught up.

I guess I’ll start with the most obvious. I’ve completely changed my site. It was time. I needed to do some updating and adding some functionality and for the most part the heavy lifting is done. I still have some tweaking to do but it won’t be as noticeable as what has already been done. I would really like some feedback so, please do leave a comment and let me know what you think. HONEST FEEDBACK. I can take it.

A few notes about the site. You’ll notice there is a video on the side bar as well as new page in the menu called ZubiaLive Videos. If you click on the page, it will explain all about Zubia and why I now have video content. It’s a pretty exciting opportunity and I hope to do more videos going forward. I will post the newest video’s on the sidebar and then move the older ones to the ZubiaLive page.  There is also a picture with The Underbelly Magazine Logo. If you click the picture it will take you to The Underbelly where you’ll see where I spend most of my time. There are wonderful articles and content about topics not normally discussed about Breast Cancer. I encourage you to visit the site and take a look around. If you find an article that speaks to you, feel free to share it!

Now backing up a bit…..

The month of October was not only the longest month in history but it was probably the busiest I’ve ever been. And the sickest. Not a good combination at all, let me tell you.

I will share all of that in another post or else you’ll be reading this all night. Let’s just say that my trip to Memphis and then Washington D.C. were not without a few hiccups due to traveling while being sick. I thank my tribe (Melissa McAllister, April Doyle Graves & Melanie Childers) for having my back (literally) and taking care of me when I was too stubborn to ask for help. That’s something I need to work on. Maybe.

So, let me know what you think about the changes and yes, there is now a pop-up for those that have not subscribed to get my updates via email. I hate those too but it’s a necessary evil.

More posts (and a new video) coming soon!