Symptoms or Stress

Since April I’ve been having new pain and my numbers have slowly been on the rise. Although my local Oncologist said not to worry my primary Oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering suggested another PET/CT. Its scheduled for July 25th.

I’ve noticed other little things too.  I forget words, I lose track of my thoughts and I’ve been getting more headaches/migraines. I’ve also been more fatigued than usual. I’m keeping track of when and how often these things happen. Are they new symptoms? Or is this stress related.

Usually, when I’m stressed I eat or clean so although all of this could be related to stress I do have my doubt’s. Unfortunately, people like me, with Stage 4 disease, can’t help but automatically think the worst and jump to the conclusion that new pains and other unusual things are symptoms of something more ominous.

So, until my next scan I will try not to dwell on what could be. I will enjoy this last week of vacation in Miami and happily celebrate my Son’s 15th birthday when we return. I will worry about the results when I get them. (Yeah right). I need to remember that life is short and I need to spend time in the present making the most of every little bit of time I get.