Valentines Day Really Is About Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day where romance is supposed to fill the air.

There will be flowers delivered, gifts of chocolate, and sparkly things are given. Couples going out to dinner and children having parties in their classrooms. Some people may even remember this day for years to come because of special memories.

I am one of those people, but not for any of the obvious reasons anyone would assume.

On a rainy Valentine’s Day 19 years ago, I had an ultrasound and was told that I would be having a baby boy in July. I was 4 months pregnant, and I was going to have a BOY!! I was so happy. The little peanut who was now big enough to put me in maternity clothes was my SON! Ironically, a few days prior, I felt the first movements that felt as if I swallowed half a dozen butterflies. “Mommy loves you, little guy!” I kept saying that over and over to him. I said it while they finished the ultrasound, in my appointment with my Doc and in the car.

He needed a name. Immediately.

I couldn’t keep calling him “little guy,” “little man,” “buddy.” He needed a proper name. I had picked out names for girls and a few for boys, but none of them seemed quite right anymore.

His name had to be perfect. Perfect for him. It needed to be a strong name. A name all his own. A name that couldn’t be shortened without his permission the way some names can like Christophers can be shortened to Chris or Matthews can be shortened to Matt.

And then, it hit me, his name. I knew his name. My son’s name would be Adam.

Just like that, even before I held him in my arms, I was in love.  A deep, unconditional, unbreakable, unshakable, crazy love that only a mother has for her child.

So Adam, when you read this one day, I want you to know that all those Valentine’s Day cards that I have given you over the years – they have/had a very significant meaning for me. It was the day that you became my son instead of just being ‘the baby.’ You have always been my special Valentine not only on February 14th but every single day of every single year.





“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living

my baby you’ll be.”  ~ Robert Munsch





(Originally posted: February 14, 2018 – Updated: February 14, 2020)