ZubiaLive Videos

In October 2017, I had the opportunity to work with ZubiaLive, a health and wellness organization that brings important topics to the forefront. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they told me that I could pick 4 topics about Metastatic Breast Cancer and talk about it. Whatever I wanted. WOW. Where to start?

I started in the most appropriate place I knew: Washington D. C on October 13th – Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day and I did a live broadcast at the Stage 4 Stampede/Die-in. This was the 3rd year I have attended this event since it all began in 2015.  You can read the blog post I wrote about that first Die-in here 

Part 2 of my Series was titled: “Diagnosis Breast Cancer, Now What?” I had just returned from attending a conference/advocacy training program called “Hear My Voice” this past October in Memphis. It was hosted by Living Beyond Breast Cancer and I wanted to talk about what a wonderful resource LBBC is to those needing information after being diagnosed. (Pro-tip – they are also on my MBC Resource & Links Page). Lord knows I could have utilized their resources when I was diagnosed.

The 3rd installment I talk about something very close to my heart – The MBC Project.  The MBC Project is a one of a kind research project led by an Oncologist and Metastatic Breast Cancer researcher, Dr. Nikhil Wagle and directed by cancer researcher, Corrie Painter, PhD. Any patient that has Metastatic Breast Cancer is eligible to be included and encouraged to participate. It just might be what, in the end, saves everyone.

*If you’d like to help support The MBC Project, you can purchase a custom made hoodie created by The Underbelly with the message: “Until VI Is No More”.  100% of the proceeds benefit The MBC Project thru 12/31/2017.  Click HERE to purchase.

Part 4 in my four part series with ZubiaLive, I’m joined by Melissa McAllister & Melanie Childers. We talk about our magazine, our community: The Underbelly. We discuss why we started it, our goals and our mission. We also discuss our new hashtag  #OneDiseaseBC and the importance of it for the entire Breast Cancer Community.